Pokemon Go: Marketing Opportunity

Last week saw the release of Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game that has already become one of the most widely-used mobile applications in the US. Based on the multitude of video games and TV shows that have come out fairly consistently since the late ‘90’s, it has people of […]

Billy Dee Williams says Double Jack: Doesn't work every time

Firestone Walker Double Jack DIPA

Today I found a great article by Paste Magazine: a blind taste-test of 115 American Double/Imperial IPAs. In the top 5 was a beer I had in the fridge, but had yet to try. California’s Firestone Walker, an overall outstanding brewery, managed to get their Double Jack DIPA ranked #5 […]

Beer Review: 5 Stones Sprung

This was a… unique… beer. I’ve never had anything by 5 Stones. Received this from a friend in Austin, and had it sitting in a 55 degree fridge on its side. So take that into consideration. I’m also drinking it poured into a Teku glass, if that matters. The beer […]

Koshihikari Echigo Japanese beer

Japanese Beer Time – Koshihikari Echigo

So those of you who know me know that, in addition to beer, I’m a fan of all things Japanese. Two years living there, a decade or so of studying the language, and a moderate appreciation of their beers. Although I’ve never had anything from Japan that isn’t a better-tasting version […]

Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA

Beer Wednesday: Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA

Yes, I still have a blog, and I still enjoy beer. Thoroughly. For today’s post, I’m drinking my last Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA, a fairly bold, quite bitter IPA from the coast I’m not living on (that’s the west one). I am a hop-head by nature, attracted to the bitter, […]

Useful little script for UTM code tracking

OK digital marketers, here’s a little script you can use to easily append UTM codes for tracking to your URLs. You’ll note that this is in the form of a very simple webpage – you can copy-paste into your favorite HTML editor and get a page like this one I […]

Cisco Summer of Lager beer review - it's good!

Cisco Brewers Summer of Lager – Beer Review

Back in April I tried my hand at a beer review. The beer was Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale, the weather was crisp, and a young Ryan Braun was preparing for six months of whacking a spheroid with a club. Three months later, the Blue Moon review has grown stale, […]

Why I Joined Stackdriver

Throughout my career, two things have become abundantly clear to me: one, I love learning new things and getting my hands all over the nitty-gritty marketing tasks; and two, nothing is more important than working with a tremendous team. Because of this, I’m thrilled to join Stackdriver as Demand Generation […]

Creating User Segments for Marketing Automation – 4 User Segment Examples

Transcript Hi, my name is Daniel Ruby and welcome to another Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about a few examples of user segments within your app, how we can identify them, and a few ideas of what we can do to take advantage of the insights into […]

Blue Moon Agave Nectar - Beer Review

Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale – Beer Review

I love beer. It’s a wonderful invention, a social lubricant and generally something that tastes really, really good when done right. Starting today, I’m going to write reviews of beers I try or have tried. Getting right to it, today’s beer is Blue Moon’s seasonal Agave Nectar Ale. Generally speaking […]