iDisappoint – the iPad fails to impress (me)

Man, that’s brutal.  I’ve looked forward to the iSlate iPad unveiling for quite some time, and up through the last few minutes of the presentation, I was still intrigued, at least.  Then the price point appeared.  Really?  $500-$830?  A $130 surcharge for the right to pay $30 a month for 3G?


I was following along with Engadget’s excellent live blog of the event (while working, of course) all afternoon.  Certain aspects of the iPad are great – the ability to use iWork, the excellent looking interface, and the external keyboard.  But through it all, I kept thinking the same thing – “where’s that ONE feature that makes this a must-have?”

Much to my chagrin, it never happened.  It started off looking like they’d blown up the iPod Touch.  Then it morphed into a blown up iPod Touch with more firepower and a better UI.  Then, in the end, it became a blown up iPod Touch with more firepower and a better UI and a massive pricetag.

What did I expect?  Well, to be honest, I don’t know.  The idea of a tablet didn’t thrill me to begin with, but Apple tends to be very good at making things I want.  The word “revolutionary” kept getting thrown around, so I thought, OK, ignore the fact that tablet PCs have been around and rather underwhelming for years.  Apple will do to tablets what they did to cell phones.

Yeah, that’s what they did – a little too literally.

I don’t know what I wanted from the iPad, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this.