Microsoft Courier: Best Vaporware Ever

I know this is kind of old news, but I wanted to shed a quiet, geeky tear for the Microsoft Courier, a big part of the reason I blew off the iPod Maxi… er, iPad.

On April 29th, in my opinion the greatest vaporware product of all time died.  The amazing-looking Courier, which existed in the form of an internal Microsoft marketing video, was poised to continue Microsoft’s run of innovative, kick-ass products (see my earlier post, “Microsoft – Bastions of Innovation?“).  The dual-screen book format used a stylus (I know, right?!?) along with finger controls, and you could store documents in the spine.

Store documents in the spine!  What a SPECTACULAR use of generally unusable real estate!

(Photo credit obviously goes to Gizmodo)

I mean, who wouldn’t want this?  My biggest beef with the iPad is how difficult it is to use spreadsheets, and the fact that what I want to use it for is a big pain with the virtual keyboard.  I do actually think a stylus is a good choice.

But, alas, it was not to be.  My friends kept telling me, “Dan, that thing isn’t real.”  But I didn’t want to hear it.  This was the tablet I’d been waiting for.  It had to be real.  The Tesla Roadster turned out to be real, right?

Ah well.  iPad, here I come.  Microsoft, I’m disappointed… your recent track record was so good, I wanted it to continue with this excellent-looking product.  Maybe next year.