Newsweek Zombie Easter Egg: GREATEST THING EVER

So perhaps “GREATEST THING EVER” in Internet-shouting-caps is a bit of hyperbole, but have you seen the awesomeness that Newsweek has unleashed on unsuspecting Internet geeks everywhere?

If you haven’t seen it, go there… NOW.  Head to and enter the Konami code.  What, you don’t know the Konami code?  Fine… Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start (enter).  Entering the code will bring up maybe the coolest Easter egg I’ve ever seen – an entire spoof Newsweek front page devoted to the Zombie Invasion we’re apparently in the middle of.

What do you think – best thing ever? Viral (excuse the zombie virus pun) home run?

I’m not sure why Newsweek has elected to do this, or, for that matter, whether they actually know it’s going on.  If it’s a hack, it’s a funny and innocuous hack.  If not, then bravo to Newsweek for creating something truly creative and innovative.  Fellow marketers, take notice: Newsweek knows how it’s done.