Consulting Job: Morris Nathanson Design

Last week I had the opportunity to consult for Morris Nathanson Design, a full-service hospitality design firm in Rhode Island.  I happen to be related to the owners, and after a bit of cajoling I convinced them to bring me in and give some pro-bono tips on making the site more usable and SEO-friendly.

First of all, their landing page was killing their site, from both a usability and a SEO perspective.  It consisted of a two-stage Flash intro, both of which were basically static images with perhaps 5% of the image clickable.  No meta data meant that Google knew nothing about the page except for the URL and the fact that it contained some manner of Flash.

Once you got past the Flash, though, the site is surprisingly well designed; yes, the menu architecture left something to be desired, but the HTML was clean, there was a decent amount of good copy, and overall it should be a good lead-driving vehicle.  I was quite happy, as I was able to give them one simple step to vastly improve their site: lose the Flash.

And they did.  By the time I got from Pawtucket to my office in Westborough, Mass., the Flash intro was gone, and the landing page was chock full of great text for Google to spider.

In all, I enjoyed the experience.  I expect MND to see a significant boost in the number of leads they get online (and they should, they’re a damn fine design firm), and they should start showing up in search results.  They were doing a lot of things right already – they had claimed their Google Place, which is great for a local/regional company – there was just one major roadblock between them and online success, which has since been removed.