Latest Study: Verizon holds 32% of US-based iPhone 4s

My first study at Localytics has gone out, and it’s an interesting one (my obviously unbiased opinion): of all iPhone 4s in the US, 32% of them are running on the Verizon network. For those of you who don’t follow the Cult of Steve Jobs, the iPhone 4 was an AT&T exclusive from its launch last summer until Verizon got their own version in February. So, over a fairly short period of time, Verizon has made some pretty impressive inroads into the iPhone market – meaning when the iPhone 5 comes out (presumably on both networks at the same time), AT&T may well have a fight on their hands.

The trend over time was also quite interesting, as Verizon seemed to see a sharp uptick in their market share gains the past two months. A theory that we’ve been kicking around is that, since Verizon was doing away with their unlimited data plan (which ended yesterday), people were jumping in to get it while they could. AT&T’s unlimited data plan was discontinued last year, and only those who were grandfathered into it (like me) can still use it.