Facebook Phone “Buffy” – The Next Major App Store?

Yesterday Mobile Marketer put up a nice article on the Facebook phone which featured quite a bit of my commentary/opinion on the device. Read the article for my overall thoughts, but a few interesting points I see:

  • There’s no way Facebook can win with a single phone
  • Will this lead to a range of FB-powered phones?
  • Will this lead to a FB app store running on stock Android devices, a la Amazon?
  • If they can succeed, it could be a big step for HTML5 apps on mobile devices
  • Why are they building on Android if the goal is to compete with Google?

I’m certainly not in a position to tell Facebook what to do, but I’ll opine anyways… they’ve got cash. They’re considering a $10 billion IPO this year. Why not give HP a call and take their woefully underutilized webOS off their hands, breaking free of Google’s mobile OS clutches?

If anyone can make webOS flourish, it’s Facebook. The operating system itself was, in my opinion, far superior to both iOS and Android when it was launched. It’s fallen behind, to be sure, but the only thing that held it back was a lack of apps – something Facebook has and is looking to spread to the mobile market.

Either way, I think Facebook will be well worth watching as they move into the mobile world. Will people buy? That’s hard to say… as I mentioned in the article, people aren’t exactly lamenting what they get out of the Facebook apps for iOS and Android. If a Facebook phone succeeds it’ll be because people love the apps FB offers and respond to the name recognition of the social networking giant.

We’ll see what happens. It will be interesting.