Only 6% of iPad App Sessions on Cellular Connection

Put a new study up on the Localytics blog yesterday looking at iPad connectivity metrics, WiFi vs. 3/4G. Part of my interest is my fancy new iPad with Verizon LTE… yes I’m an iOS consumer whore, but it does make my train commute that much better and more productive every day.

As it turns out, not a lot of people are buying iPads with cellular connections – or at the very least, not a lot of people are using cellular connections on their iPads. What we found was that just over 10% of iPads had a cellular-powered connection during the study period. Of 3G-enabled devices, 45% of sessions were on 3G. Of 4G-enabled devices, 36% of sessions were 4G. Maybe people are concerned about the crazy speeds of LTE tearing through their data plans.

Anyways, this was also the first infographic we’ve ever done, thanks to our new graphic and web designer Julie. Check it out below:

Only 6% of iPad sessions are on cellular