Localytics Study: Apps Give Listeners Radio Everywhere

I posted our latest study today on the Localytics blog – a look into the listening habits of radio app users. Here are some of my findings:

Over the past 12 months, use of radio-based mobile apps grew 33%. By instantly turning any iPhone, iPad or Android device into a “radio”, users can listen virtually anytime and anywhere. The accessibility and convenience of mobile both increases listening hours and extends reach beyond traditional broadcasting ranges.

42% of radio app sessions were over non-mobile internet providers. In these cases, listeners were most likely using a WiFi network at home, work or at the local Starbucks.

The other 58% of radio app sessions were over mobile (cellular) data networks. Mobile network streaming can be and is still done at home, but it also provides the ability to listen “on the go,” whether the listener is walking, biking, driving or commuting.

58 percent of radio app listeners listen via mobile data networks

46% of users listened in areas that are outside terrestrial broadcast range.

46 percent of all terrestrial radio apps are used outside the station's range

More than half of terrestrial radio app listening is taking place in locations within the radio stations’ traditional broadcast reach. Even within a station’s range, offering a smartphone app gives listeners the convenience of listening when signal coverage is spotty, or where a standalone radio might be inconvenient. Radio stations with associated smartphone apps can give their listeners a more varied and flexible experience both within and outside of their normal broadcasting region.

With proper app analytics, broadcasting companies can take best practices from their top apps – design elements, content, ad placement, etc. – and apply them to the rest of their radio stations. With Localytics’ app analytics platform implemented, station management can see exactly how long users are listening, what they’re listening to most often, and how loyal they are. This understanding of what users are doing and the ability to quickly pivot their strategy has the radio industry excited about mobile apps as another way to engage with their listeners.

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