App marketing – in-app messaging use cases

This is really exciting. We’ve done so well with app analytics at Localytics, and in-app messaging and marketing is the next logical step. App analytics gives you the data, app marketing lets you act on and monetize it. I’ve talked with enough people the past couple of weeks explaining it, and I’ve come up with my favorite use cases:

Games – Say you create a really amazing, difficult game. Let’s say it’s something like Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be The Guy – you know, one of those games that is so awesome and so difficult that it makes you want to stab your eyeballs out. Well, using the Localytics app marketing platform, you can bucket new users – say, people who have launched the app less than five times. Then, if any one of them tries and fails on your first level X number of times, you can give them a little “Hey, need some help?” message with a power-up, or a level insta-gib. Let them keep playing, get into the game, and build up the skills necessary to succeed without getting frustrated right off the bat and rage quitting.

Mcommerce – This one is pretty straightforward, I think. Bucket people who have abandoned their cart and the next time they log in, give them a message of “Hey, you’ve got stuff in your cart! If you check out now, we’ll give you free shipping.” (Obviously, your verbiage will be different, probably more succinct. I don’t do succinct well.)

News – Fun stuff, say you’re a national newspaper trying to make a move into local content. Well, use Localytics app analytics to bucket people by their most common location and if they don’t visit the local content after ten sessions (or so), message them in-app to let them know it exists, and point them at their own location.

This is really cool stuff, and I’m excited to be involved in it. Analytics is powerful; in-app messaging based on analytics, though? That’s game-changing.

How would you use in-app messaging based on  your users’ activities? If you’ve got a better use case than mine, let me know. I want to hear it! Tweet it @danielruby or post it in the comments.