Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale – Beer Review

Blue Moon Agave Nectar - Beer Review

I love beer. It’s a wonderful invention, a social lubricant and generally something that tastes really, really good when done right. Starting today, I’m going to write reviews of beers I try or have tried.

Getting right to it, today’s beer is Blue Moon’s seasonal Agave Nectar Ale.

Blue Moon Agave Nectar - Beer Review

Generally speaking I’m a fan of Blue Moon – their standard wheat beer is always easy on the palate, good with or without a little slice of something citrus, and very refreshing on a hot day. Despite being a MillerCoors joint, it’s a solid, sweet, inoffensive beer that I’d rarely if ever say “no” to.

The Agave Nectar Ale, however, doesn’t seem to add anything to the Blue Moon offering. If anything, it seems to hurt the flavor, dulling the sweetness and replacing it with some sharpness. Not that I’m opposed to sharp flavors or undertones in beer, it just doesn’t seem to fit here.

If you concentrate and let the beer sit on your tongue you’ll be able to sense the sweet undertones of the base wheat beer coming through, which is a nice experience. However, as beer snobby as I am, if you have to exact that much patience while drinking, you’re not likely to truly enjoy your beer-drinking experience.

In the end, Blue Moon’s Agave Nectar Ale is not a bad beer. Perhaps I judge it a bit harshly because I like the base on which it’s built, but the more I try different beers, the more I realize why some additive ingredients aren’t used more often. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to review the Magic Hat Pistil Dandelion Ale, which should be held up as Evidence #1 that certain things don’t need to go into beer.

Give the Agave Nectar Ale a try, though. I’m not a fan, but I am a fan of trying tons of different beers and finding what you like. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it what you think.

Beer Name: Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale
Brewed By: Blue Moon Brewing Company
Subsidiary Of: MillerCoors
Alcohol By Volume: 5.4%
Beer Type: Wheat beer, summer special
Cap Type: Twist-off
Dan’s Score: 5.5/10
  • Yeah I’m with you. It’s not that it’s all together bad or undrinkable. I just couldn’t see buying it again, especially over the tastiness of reg blue moon.


    Thanks Dan I enjoyed your review I would agree with most of what you said. My wife and I tried it for the first time yesterday while eating some crawfish. It seemef to sit well.

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