Why I Joined Stackdriver

Throughout my career, two things have become abundantly clear to me: one, I love learning new things and getting my hands all over the nitty-gritty marketing tasks; and two, nothing is more important than working with a tremendous team. Because of this, I’m thrilled to join Stackdriver as Demand Generation Manager. Here I can roll up my sleeves, get the word out about how cloud monitoring can be intelligent, and work with some phenomenal people.

When I came to meet the Stackdriver team, I was impressed. Here I found a group of brilliant people looking for their first full-time marketing hire – people who were not only amazing at their jobs but who had tremendous belief in what they were doing. The founders, Dan and Izzy, really understand how entrepreneurs operate – they get their hands dirty, experience the various parts of the organization’s needs, and then when they’re ready to grow and fill a role, they understand exactly what they’re looking for. Because they’ve done it.

After so many years of marketing for technology startups, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. How many marketers can boast that they’ve been able to get hands-on querying Vertica databases, or writing JavaScript for a live site, or have had long, arduous debates over the merits of Coda vs. Aptana vs. Xcode?

That’s why I’m so thrilled to join Stackdriver. The people and culture are nothing short of incredible, and the opportunity to build out a demand generation marketing system with the full support of the entire team is always exciting.

I’m looking forward to making the lives of DevOps folks around the world better. Reach out anytime – I want your insights into what we and we can do better, and what we’re doing well!