Beer Wednesday: Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA

Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA

Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPAYes, I still have a blog, and I still enjoy beer. Thoroughly. For today’s post, I’m drinking my last Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA, a fairly bold, quite bitter IPA from the coast I’m not living on (that’s the west one).

I am a hop-head by nature, attracted to the bitter, and because of that I rather enjoy the Upheaval IPA. But it seems to be a little… straightforward (ye gods I feel like a hipster in a Budweiser commercial just for writing that). It’s bitter, but little else. There’s not much of the hops aroma, or any citrusy notes, or really much besides the bitter.

And that’s fine. Really. It is. I like bitter, like I said. I just wish this beer had a bit more character and some contrasting flavors.

Compared to my current go-to (Long Trail’s Limbo IPA), Upheaval falls short. It’s certainly not a bad beer – quite the opposite, it’s pretty good – but my snobbery has gotten… snobberier… of late, and a “good” IPA is a little bit disappointing.

In the end, I’d recommend it, because it’s a good beer for the bitter palette. And because, generally, I don’t get motivated to write (once a quarter) about beers I don’t like.

Beer Name: Upheaval IPA
Brewed By: Widmer Brothers, Portland OR
Subsidiary Of: Independent
Alcohol By Volume: 7%
Beer Type: India Pale Ale
Cap Type: Pry-off
Dan’s Score: 7/10

Next time, I’ll either write up my first experience with a sour beer (once I find another one to refresh my memory, thanks to Cambridge’s Meadhall for the amazing selection of draft beers), or the Best Beer Night Everâ„¢, in which I drink my first Heady Topper, my first Pliny the Elder, and my first Fiddlehead Mastermind all at the same party.