Beer Review: 5 Stones Sprung

This was a… unique… beer. I’ve never had anything by 5 Stones. Received this from a friend in Austin, and had it sitting in a 55 degree fridge on its side. So take that into consideration. I’m also drinking it poured into a Teku glass, if that matters.

The beer in question is 5 Stones Sprung, an IPA “brewed with heather tips, dried elderflowers and wildflower honey” (and yes, that sounds like something Anheuser-Busch would make up in a commercial making fun of craft beer).

5 Stones Sprung: A Cornucopia of GoopFirst thing’s first: opening the beer presented me with a rather unpleasant experience. Due to it sitting on its side, and due to it apparently having way, way, way too much yeast, it opened up to a cornucopia of yeasty goop.

After consulting with the BeerAdvocate forumites, I concluded that this was indeed yeast, and that a mouse didn’t gorge itself on chocolate pudding, crawl into the bottle, die, and relieve itself upon death. I was rather relieved that this was not the case.

Very foamy beer

So then we come to the beer. Damn, that foams when you pour it.

I’m not exactly some college freshman who doesn’t know how to pour a beer. I’m a connoisseur. Or snob. Or… asshole. Depends on who you ask.

But this beer foams like a rabid beaver eating a Mentos with a mouth full of cola (I’ll revisit this below in the “review” review). And it kept foaming like mad, every time I’d top it off, because of course I topped it off, because it’s beer, and beer is good. Even bad beer is good.

In the end, I’m glad I tried it. I’d not drink it again unless it was down to that or Busch Light, but… I tried it.

Look: The beer itself is a nice hazy golden color, but after opening it, the neck and cap were full of gunk. I’ve been informed by the forumites that this is yeast, and indicative of way too much yeast for a bottle-conditioned beer. Quite a turnoff.

Smell: Not much of a smell. Kind of metallic.

Taste: It’s not particularly great. Bitter. Somewhat malty at the start with a bitter back-end and very little of the complexity and freshness I’ve come to expect from good IPAs. Maybe I should expect something different from an IPA brewed with heather tips, dried elderflowers and wildflower honey. I think I can taste the honey. I might be convincing myself of that because the label says there’s some.

Feel: Way, way, way too carbonated. Really hard to pour, because just looking at it sideways makes it foam like a rabid beaver eating a Mentos with a mouth full of cola.

Overall: Not a good beer. I feel all beers should be tried once by everyone, so as to make up your own mind, but I did not like this beer. The yeast sludge started it off on the wrong foot, and it continued hopping on said wrong foot afterwards.

Beer Name: Sprung
Brewed By: 5 Stones, Cibolo, TX
ABV: 6.2%
Beer Type: IPA with Heather Tips, Dried Elderflowers and Wildflower Honey
Container Type: Bottle, 1 Pint
Dan’s Score: 2/10