Pokemon Go: Marketing Opportunity

Last week saw the release of Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game that has already become one of the most widely-used mobile applications in the US. Based on the multitude of video games and TV shows that have come out fairly consistently since the late ‘90’s, it has people of […]

Useful little script for UTM code tracking

OK digital marketers, here’s a little script you can use to easily append UTM codes for tracking to your URLs. You’ll note that this is in the form of a very simple webpage – you can copy-paste into your favorite HTML editor and get a page like this one I […]

Creating User Segments for Marketing Automation – 4 User Segment Examples

Transcript Hi, my name is Daniel Ruby and welcome to another Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about a few examples of user segments within your app, how we can identify them, and a few ideas of what we can do to take advantage of the insights into […]